We can help your organization to integrate existing workflows into ProSolo and your staff to efficiently utilize all ProSolo components valuable to your use cases.

Training & Walkthrough

We offer global opportunities for training that can support you, no matter where you are on your professional development pathway. Begin by learning the fundamentals, apply advanced optimization analysis techniques and automate your modeling workflows to achieve new efficiencies, and improve outcomes.

Migration & Integration

We provide end-to-end assistance for tasks such as importing data from legacy tools and establishing integrations for either upstream or downstream applications. This support covers converting and migrating inputs for a one-time initiative, establish ongoing integrations with other systems, meta-model mapping and data advisory, configuration changes, content conversion (diagrams or raw data), imports, and application connector development.


Our onboarding program ensures a smooth and successful implementation. It is customized to fit each customer’s needs: on-site, classroom, webinars, and video tutorials.