Best Educational Practices

ProSolo follows the best educational practices to integrate sequencing of learning activities with assessment and tracking of learning outcomes. It seamlessly embeds the use of interactive and multimedia content.  

Superior User Experience

ProSolo is student-centered and offers superior user experience for students and teachers. It promotes the use of effective pedagogies for active learning that are inspired by the state-of-the-art research on self-regulated and social learning. ProSolo features a credentialing pipeline that enables students to maintain their professional profiles.

Learning Social Network

ProSolo is a social networking platform that promotes social integration, community development, and student success. It provides students with updates from their learning network about the latest news they share and their learning progress.

Assessment Tools

ProSolo features assessment tools by incorporating best practices for automated, peer, and expert assessment.


ProSolo is a highly configurable platform that can support the needs of different schools and education institutes. 

Learning Analytics

ProSolo collects rich digital data about student experience to provide state-of-the-art learning analytics. It is a highly configurable platform that can support needs of different schools and education institutes.