Competency-based Learning Platform

Designed to facilitate self-directed and
competency-based learning through social interaction. 

Why ProSolo?

ProSolo has been developed as a response to the on-going challenges of traditional educational models primarily focused on classroom education and training typically associated with the notion of credit hours as the (only) route towards formal credentials.

The “non-traditional learner” is now the dominant student characteristic in the majority of institutions in higher education. This suggests a need for establishing a greater diversity of learning opportunities.

At the same time, institutions recognize a need to innovate educational practices through initiatives such as active learning and flipped classrooms in order for learners to be actively engaged in learning and developing core skills — such as information seeking, critical thinking, creativity, and teamwork — necessary lifelong skills and capacities for productive participation in contemporary society. 

Therefore, the shift in higher education to more novel learning and instructional models enabled through adaptive and personal technologies are essential. 

ProSolo Design

The design of ProSolo recognizes that learners may not be prepared for self-directed learning and may require a different form of scaffolding. To support learners with different levels of prior knowledge, study skills, and cultural backgrounds, ProSolo offers features for supporting self-directed learning through four types of scaffolds.


ProSolo allows for promotion and incorporation of the best principles established for instructional design in online and blended learning. This form of scaffold provides instructors with direct involvement and control over the instructional processes. Rather than replacing instructors, ProSolo empowers educators with a technology that creates the possibility for interaction with and instruction of their learners in diverse and authentic contexts.


Building on established empirical evidence that asynchronous online discussions among students are one of the most potent instructional strategies. At the same time, the use of social media — embedded in and aggregated by ProSolo — offers seamless communication and information sharing.


By harnessing the power of learning analytics and machine learning, as well as learner modeling, ProSolo provides automatically generated recommendations to assist learners in their learning decisions about plans for future learning and feedback on the ongoing learning.


Supports instructors by providing insights into progression of their learners and by assisting them in formulating and keeping track of feedback.

Who uses ProSolo?

ProSolo has been successfully used to support an innovative dual-layer instructional design used in the Data, Learning, and Analytics MOOC offered in partnership with edX in late 2014. Presently, ProSolo is piloted on sites of several institutions in the USA and Australia in supporting their transition to competency-based programs and credentialing for continuous career development.


Dragan Gasevic

Founder & Director

Professor and Chair in Learning Analytics and Informatics Moray House School of Education and School of Informatics University of Edinburgh

Zoran Jeremic


10+ years of experience working as a developer and later as a senior system analyst, along with his PhD in Software Engineering, brings operational efficiency to ProSolo.

Nikola Milikic

Product Development Lead

6+ years of experience in software development and also a researcher in the field of Technology Enhanced Learning and Learning Analytics

Stefan Vuckovic

Software Developer

Passionate for new technologies and application of statistical and machine learning methods to allow for seamless process of teaching and learning.

Milos Milikic


With 10 years of experience as a web designer my mission is to make learning experience pretty and intuitive for a student.