Student-centered Learning Platform
Student-centered Learning Platform
ProSolo is student-centered and offers superior user experience for students and teachers
Helps Students to Navigate through the Journey of Learning
Helps Students to Navigate through the Journey of Learning
ProSolo promotes the use of effective pedagogies for active learning that are inspired by the state-of-the-art research on self-regulated and social learning
Organize your Knowledge
Organize your Knowledge
ProSolo is a competency-based learning platform that focuses on outcomes
We Can Guide You through Your Transformation
We Can Guide You through Your Transformation
We can offer full support to your organization to transition your learning experience to ProSolo


Digital technologies are of profound importance for schools and education institutes. Digital technologies hold promises to transform teaching and learning, promote student success, innovate assessment, encourage active learning, foster social interaction, and support employability. The ultimate goal is to produce student-centered technologies that can develop next-generation students who are successful, motivated, adaptive, and self-directed.

Feature-rich learning platform

ProSolo offers various features that promote learning, social interaction, and centered around students.


There is currently no platform available that can integrate these different promises of educational technologies. Conventional learning management systems and MOOC platforms are primarily centered around courses and content. Features for social interaction are usually integrated afterthought and offer subpar experience for the students. Assessment is often seen as the final step, rather than as an opportunity to promote learning. Student relationship management is frequently viewed as an administrative function that is decoupled from learning and teaching. Finally, platforms that maintain student profiles to support employability are not integrated with learning and teaching.

Can be customized to your learning needs

ProSolo can be used instead of a standard LMS, for evidence-based learning or for deploying MOOCs

We provide reliable cloud hosting services with maximum performance and guaranteed uptime. You can start with small servers and the infrastructure will follow your growth.
We are here to help your organization to migrate to ProSolo, train your staff to use the platform in the most effective way, and organize onboarding.
If you need additional features or integration with other tools your organization is using, you can leave it to us to design and implement the best solution for you.


I am fascinated and VERY EXCITED to see products emerge that will support learner-directed, competency-based learning models and do so at scale.

Dr Kyle Peck

Professor and Director, Center for Online Innovation in Learning, Penn State University
, Past President of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology

ProSolo is based on not replicating the classroom and content focuses, but rather on networked learning and competency achievement in a very social-media-like framework. For me, seeing it was one of those rare glimpses into the future that happen only seldom.

Dr Samuel (Pete) Smith

Vice Provost for Digital Teaching and Learning, UTA 
Recipient of the Outstanding Leadership in the Field of Distance Learning Award from 
the United States Distance Learning Association

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